Queen BladeGhost

A femjuve Megaviolent with techno-barbarian fashion sense and a love for delivery of blunt trauma

Name Kimberly DeCroix Role MegaViolent Sex Female Age 15
Handle Queen BladeGhost Height 5’1" (1.5m) Weight 120# (54kg) DOB 9-30-2013
5/5 6/6 5/5 5/5 4/4 5/5 5/5 6/6 4/4 5 5
Run Leap Carry Lift BTM Melee Save Sanity PSP
15m 3.75m 60 240 -2 0 6 48
Skills Stat Rank Skills Stat Rank Skills Stat Rank YoGang Skill Rank
Schoolin’ INT 2 GoGo REF 2 Perform (2) EMP 1 Berzerk 5
Get A Clue INT 5 Streetfighting REF 5
Thiefstuff REF 3 GenSpeak INT 4
Jockstuff REF 5 StreetSmarts COOL 4
Little Angel EMP 5 StreetSpeak INT 4
Fearless Leader COOL 4 English INT 8
Blend REF 2 Play Instrument (2) REF 2
Weapons Type WA Conc Avail Damage ROF Load Range Rel Notes
Battle Glove (Punch) M 0 N C 2d6 NA NA Melee ST Worn on her left arm
Battle Glove (Crush) M 0 N C 3d6 NA NA Melee ST Worn on her left arm
Battle Glove (Wolvers) M 0 N C 4d6 AP NA NA Melee ST Worn on her left arm
Monosword M 0 N C 4d6 AP NA NA Melee ST Fantasy Longsword
Skorpion v61 SMG +1 J R 1d6 20 30 150m ST 2 magazines API
d10 Roll Location SP Armor Type Total EV
1 Head 10 Steel Horned Helmet 3
2-4 Torso 20 Spiked Heavy Armor Jack
5 R. Arm 20 Spiked Heavy Armor Jack
6 L. Arm 20 Spiked Heavy Armor Jack
7-8 R. Leg 17 Armorplas Lolita Skirt/Kevlon Stockings
9-0 L. Leg 17 Armorplas Lolita Skirt /Kevlon Stockings
Mall Stuff Wt (kg) Services and Accounts Monthly Cost Cybernetics HL Cost (eb)
ChemMask 1 Phone/Data Service 100 TechHair 0.0 200
10 Microflash sticks 0.1 x5 Light Tattoos 0.0 200
Black SP 10 Backpack 2
Ring DataPhone 0.0
V-Trode Set 0.0
Armored corset (SP 20) 1 EV
Armored Stockings (SP 8) 0.2
Armored Skirt (SP 12) 1 EV
1 change of clothes 5
x4 TechHair change kits 2
Traits Moody, rash and headstrong. Is surprisingly selfish and spoiled
Clothes Cybergoth-Viking, mixing vinyl, leather, fishnets, spikes and chains
Hair Worn wild and all over, dyed a multitude of colors (usually green), woven with tubes, ribbons and pipes
Affectations Fingerless gloves
Ethnicity Anglo-Saxon (American as they come, choob)
Languages English, StreetSpeak, GenSpeak
Value Most Challenging herself (and winning)
Valued Possession A CD Dethklok’s Dethalbum II
Valued Person Was her dad, Frank, because he had money, but now he’s dead, so… who knows?!
Feel about People People are tools to be used

Queen BladeGhost (born Kimberly DeCroix) is Frank “Freezerburn” DeCroix’s natural daughter… or possibly just some girl he picked up somewhere at a very young age for some reason, because she certainly doesn’t remember life without him. Frank was, as fathers go, pretty kriffin’ terrible. While he provided food and shelter for them through his Netrunning and information-brokering jobs, rarely was it high-quality, and rarely was it long-term. She’s lived in more places than she can easily remember, and the constant moving about led her to building up quite a tough shell about herself. As a kid, she grew enamored with the MegaViolent yogangs, drawn in by their nihilist philosophy and willingness to fight anyone, anywhere, and prove themselves tougher than the world.

Somehow, she, her yo-gang or Frank’s online skulduggery attracted the attention of some strange cult. She has no idea who they are, why they’re after her, or what they want, but this cult has pulled out all the stops in their quest to grab and/or kill her. She knows nothing of them, other than the fact that they refer to themselves as “the Shoal”. She is also uncertain how far their influence spreads. Whether or not the other strange goings-on in recent days are related to this cult are, likewise, unknown.

She encountered two strange men in the back stairwell of the Night City flophouse, both of whom were inhumanly hideous. A fight broke out (at her instigation), and one of them ended up dying (and shortly thereafter dissolving), while the other grew wings and flew away, dropping a “Mist Cannon”. She was badly injured in the brawl (one of them shot lightning at her!), and found her father frozen to death in his chair in the apartment while a team of Edgerunners rummaged through his things.

Lacking any other options, she tagged along with this group, and now finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of strange events, conspiracies and ultraviolence.

Queen BladeGhost

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