The DreamWalker, and an Example NPC for Testing Purposes

Handle Ranger Role Netrunner Sex Male Age 33
Name Sean Carter Ht 1.7m (5’8") Wt 110 kg (220#) DOB 15 July 1995
Hair Black, worn long Clothes Biker leathers & Band shirts
Affectations Tattoos Misc. Also often wears mirrorshades
Ethnicity Japanese Languages English, Japanese, StreetSpeak
6/9 6/12 10/10 4/2 10/10 7/7 6/6 7/10 6/6 7/15 4/7
Run Leap Lift Carry BTM Melee Mod SAVE Humanity Index Sanity Points PSP Init Mod
18 m 4.5 m 100 kg 400 kg +5 +3 12 27 37 150 +14
Skills Stat Rank Chipped? Skills Stat Rank Chipped? Skills Stat Rank Chipped?
Interface INT 10 N Handgun REF 10 N Telepathy PSI 10 N
Combat Sneak REF 4 N Rifle REF 3 N Psychometabolism PSI 6 N
Cyberdeck Design INT 8 N Sub-Machinegun REF 5 N Psychokinesis PSI 7 N
Programming INT 10 N Melee REF 5 N Meta-Psionics PSI 5 N
Library Search INT 7 N MArts: Coyote REF 4 N Clairsentience PSI 8 N
Electronics TECH 5 N MArts: Choi Li Fut REF 6 N Psychoportation PSI 8 N
Education & General Knowledge INT 8 N MArts: Muy Thai REF 3 N Meditation COOL 8 N
Awareness INT 7 N Dodge & Escape REF 6 N Dreaming PSI 10 N
Drive REF 4 N Brawl REF 5 N Shadow/Track REF 2 N
Electronic Security TECH 5 N Seduction EMP 10 N Heavy Weapons REF 3 N
Basic Tech TECH 4 N Wardrobe & Style ATTR 7 N Demolitions REF 3 Y
System Knowledge INT N N Personal Grooming ATTR 7 N Play Instrument TECH 2 N
CyberTech TECH 3 N Hide/Evade INT 5 N Perform EMP 1 N
Composition INT 5 N Stealth REF 5 N Teaching INT 4 N
Action Games REF 6 N Athletics REF 5 N Accounting INT 4 N
Expert: Corporate Law INT 6 N Swimming BOD 3 N Mathematics INT 4 N
History INT 6 N Strength Feat BOD 3 N Endurance BOD 3 N
Language: Japanese INT 8 N Fire-Fighting INT 1 N Anthropology INT 2 N
Language: English INT 8 N Build Snowman TECH 1 N Gamble INT 3 N
Language: StreetSpeak COOL 6 N Persuasion & Fast-Talk EMP 8 N Fencing REF 6 N
Language: Latin INT 4 N Social EMP 4 N Lightsaber Fencing (x3) REF 4 N
Language: Greek INT 3 Y Stock Market INT 4 N Cryotank Opertion TECH 2 N
Language: Sanskrit INT 6 N Weaponsmith TECH 3 N First Aid TECH 3 N
Language: Spanish INT 3 Y Motorcycle REF 4 N Pick Lock TECH 3 N
Language: Aramatheic INT 4 N Oratory COOL 5 N Wilderness Survival INT 4 N
Expert: Cthulhu Mythos INT 6 N Resist Torture/Drugs COOL 6 N xxxxxx xxxx xx xx
Expert: The Necronomicon INT 8 N Leadership EMP 6 N xxxxxx xxxx xx xx
d10 Roll Body Location SP Armor Type Total EV
1 Head 30 Mantis Helmet (Orbital) 0
2-4 Torso 30 Mantis Armor (Orbital)
5 R. Arm 30 Mantis Armor (Orbital)
6 L. Arm 30 Mantis Armor (Orbital)
7-8 R. Leg 30 Mantis Armor (Orbital)
9-0 L. Leg 30 Mantis Armor (Orbital)
Weapon Type WA Conc. Avail. Damage (Ammo) ROF Load Range Rel Notes/Special
Desert Eagle VHP +3 J R 6d6+6 (.50 cal ET) 1 10 75 m VR ETE, SmC
Copper Katana MEL NA L U 4d6+5 (NA) NA NA NA m VR Blessed
K-R Paladin P +1 J P 3d6+3 (Laser) 1/3 60 60 m VR APX, Ignites
H&K MPK-11 SMG +3 L C 4d6+1 (12mm) 20 30 200 m ST SmC
Crowbar Melee 0 L E 2d6+5 NA NA Mel VR Blood-stained
Smoke Grenade HVY 0 P C Smoke 1 1 Thrown ST 1x IR Smoke, 1x Sleep Gas
Frag Grenade HVY 0 P C 6d6 (Blast) 1 1 Thrown ST NA
Incendiary Grenade HVY 0 P C 4d6 AP 1 1 Thrown ST Removes 3 AP\Round
Equipment & Gear Cost (eb) Wt (kg) Property, Holdings & Accounts Monthly Cost (eb) Cyberware & Bioware Cost (eb) HC
Mantis Orbital Crystal Armor 150,000 10 House in NC 4500 OrbCrys Neuralware Processor 10000 0.25
Tactical Harness 150 1.5 Phone & Data Svc 750 SGL, DTL, VLink, CML, RL, PhpL 50,000 0.4
100m line & Mag-grapple 500 4 Apt. in Combat Zone 400 OrbCrys Chipware Socket 10,000 0.2
2 smoke grenades 50 1 SP 30 Truck 550 Spaceman REF Boost 30,000 1
2 Frag grenades 60 2 Office in Mall District 9500 Boostmaster Chip 5,000 2
2 Incendiary grenades 100 2 Brokerage Acct +45k Mr. Studd Sexual Implant 10,000 .5
25 MU Combat Cyberdeck 40,000 5 Private School (Aimee) 11000 Tailored Antibodies/Nano-Fac 75,000 0.5
Plasma-Sword NA .75 Law Assoc Dues 1500 Muscle & Bone Lace 75,000 3
Survival Kit 350 1.5 Misc Subscriptions 500 Grafted Muscle 55,000 3
First Aid Kit 200 2 Family Trauma Team acct 300 Anti-Plague Nanies 25,000 2
Electronics Tech Kit 200 1 1500 MU Mainframe 2200 Bioenhanced Eyes 15000 1.5
Basic Teck Kit 400 12 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx LL, IR, CS, AD NA NA
Weapons Tech Kit 150 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx OrbCrys Interface Plugs 10,000 .25
Ghost-Hunter Kit 250 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx Light Tattoos NA NA
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx
Traits Moody, rash and headstrong
Valued Person His “daughter”
Valued Possession A book
Value Most Wealth & Money
Feel About People People are tools to be used

Sean Carter was born in Japan in 1995, during the economic collapse of that nation, and sold by his parents to a wealthy Anglo family who lived in the United States. During the Collapse, he grew up in a decaying, once-upscale neighborhood with his adoptive family. Sean, or “Ranger” as he became known in internet circles, due to his use of an avatar that resembled the iconic movie character of the same title, was in trouble with the law from an early age, and spent time in a juvenile correctional facility prior to his 18th birthday.

Ranger has always been unstable, rash and violent. While a juvenile, he got into innumerable fights in school and on the street. In his later teens, he savagely beat a man who accosted his older sister to death with a crowbar… a crowbar he carries to this day. He is also known for taking on jobs that will incur high body-counts, which is unusual for a Netrunner… although, unlike most Netrunners, Ranger prefers to accompany the ops team and perform his hacking and data-plundering on-site. For this purpose, he owns a Militech combat cyberdeck… the armored case to which he has used on at least one occasion to brain someone with.

When he was 19, his family was killed by a strange cult, which introduced him to the world of the paranormal and the unnatural, and he became something of a staunch crusader against such horrors. In addition to his vigilante ways, he used the resources gained from such activities to put himself through school, eventually becoming a lawyer specializing in Corporate Law. Armed now with the ability to take the fight directly to the organizations led by covens of cultists, vampires, otherworldly beings and aliens, Carter used the weight of tort law to pursue, litigate and exterminate corporations he suspected of being controlled by occult forces. There were a surprising number of them, as it so happens.

Carter is now one of the most-powerful human psykers to have ever lived. He hones his mental abilities as sharply as he does his monokatana, and disdains those who use magic, arcanism, or daemonic pacts to gain their powers. As a self-taught Psyker, his abilities are somewhat scattershot and random, but none can deny his raw talent or power. His use of telepathy and other subtle psychic tricks in the courtroom, as well as in his investigations, are unethical, at best, but Carter has always believed that his ends justify his means. His one saving grace, perhaps, is his own adopted child, Aimee.

Aimee came into Ranger’s care when she was less than two years old. Her parents were some of Carter’s closest friends (if he can be said to have friends), but were killed by an Aztec cult who venerated Xipe Totec, thought to be an avatar of Nyarlathotep. Ranger rescued Aimee from their clutches, wiping out the cult’s center of power in the process, and has kept her safe ever since. For her part, Aimee (now 14), has been something of a stabilizing factor in Ranger’s life. Certainly, his propensity for murder has somewhat lessened in recent years. Perhaps he’s trying to be a good role model? None can say.


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