Armor Stacking

Armor can be worn in layers, with some restrictions. First, only one layer can be “Hard Armor”. Secondly, every layer after the first adds 1 EV to the highest EV of all layers worn. Thirdly, only three layers, in total, may be worn by any character.

Each layer of armor is identified by a letter. The innermost layer (closest to the skin) is Layer A, the next layer outside that is Layer B, and the outer-most set of armor is Layer C. For example, someone wearing a Kevlar T-shirt underneath a Light Armor Jack under a Doorgunner’s vest is wearing 3 layers of armor. The Kevlar T-shirt is Layer A, the Light Armor Jack is Layer B, and the Doorgunner’s Vest is Layer C. Skinweave, Subdermal Armor and Bodyplating all count as layers, but cause no additional EV penalty.

To determine the total SP of all worn armors, first compare the SP of Layer A to Layer B, and add the bonus SP from the chart below to the highest of the two layers’ respective SP. Then compare that number to the SP of Layer C, and add the bonus SP to the higher of those two layers to determine the final SP. Note that no set of armor can provide more Bonus SP than its own base SP.

Difference in SP Bonus SP
0-4 +5
5-8 +4
9-14 +3
15-20 +2
21-26 +1
27+ 0

Example: RazorCandi has a Skinweave (Layer A) under her Kevlar T-shirt (Layer B), which she has thrown a Medium Armor Jacket over (Layer C). Comparing her Skinweave (SP8) to her Kevlar T-Shirt (SP 10), we see that the Skinweave improves her SP by +5. Then, comparing the new total SP of this layer (15) to her Medium Armor Jacket (SP 15), we determine that she receives another +5 SP bonus, for a total of SP 20 on her torso. However, the Kevlar T-shirt increases the EV of the Medium Armor Jacket from its base of 1 to a total EV of 2. Luckily, Skinweave doesn’t cause any further EV penalties, otherwise she’d be as encumbered as she would be wearing Metal Gear!

Armor Stacking

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