Relevant Attribute: PSI

The Meditation skill is used by Psy Active individuals to recover PEP, to focus their energies before undertaking arduous arcane or psychic tasks, to gain insight into complex problems, to purge themselves of certain psychic effects and to forego sleep. A character can meditate for a number of consecutive hours equal to their COOL stat.

When used to recover PEP, the character must meditate for at least one hour. At the end of that hour, he makes a Meditation Test (1d10 + PSI + Meditation). The base difficulty for this test is 15. The difficulty increases by +1 for every 10 points of PEP the character is missing. For example, a character with a 5 PSI has a maximum of 50 PEP. If the character has expended 25 points of PEP, the Difficulty of their Meditation skill check increases by 2. If the test succeeds, the character regains their PSI rating in PEP after 1 hour of Meditation, plus a number of points equal to their rank in the Meditation skill. If the test fails, then no PEP is regained. If the result is a botch, the character is unable to attain the necessary serenity to Meditate, and cannot use the skill again for any purpose for 24 hours.

When used to focus their energies before undertaking a prolonged psychic task, the character meditates for at least 1 hour and makes a Meditation Test against a difficulty of 20. The player must decide how many hours the character is meditating before making the test. If successful, the character gains a +2 bonus on the PSI-related tests for the project upon which they were meditating. This bonus increases by + 1 for every additional hour of meditation.

When meditating to work out a complex problem, the character meditates for 1 hour and declares 1 task, problem, conundrum or issue upon which they are meditating, and what Skill they have decided to use to resolve the problem. At the end of this hour, the character makes a Meditation Test against a difficulty of 20. If this test succeeds, they gain a +3 bonus on any test related to the Skill they named when addressing the problem. The GM is the final arbitrator on whether or not the named Skill is pertinent to resolving the issue.

Certain psychic effects can be meditated away, allowing the character to repair their Psyche and purge themselves of certain debilitating effects. Such attempts take 4 hours of meditation, and require a successful Meditation Test against a Difficulty of 25. If successful, the character can rid themselves of the effects of 1 psychic malady (discussed later).

When used to forego sleep, the character first declares how many hours he is attempting to Meditate for. After 1 hour of Meditation, the character makes a Meditation Test against a Difficulty of 15, +2 for every hour he intends to meditate. If successful, each hour of Meditation counts as 2 hours of natural sleep. At the end of this cycle of Meditation, the character may not attempt to Meditate again until at least 4 hours have passed.


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