Power-Thirst is a commercially-sold sports drink that is more powerful and more better than other sports drinks, as it contains more caffeine, guarine, taurine, sugar, and electrolytes than its competitors. It is an energy drink for people who need gratuitous amounts of energy, and will fill you with preposterous amounts of testosterone (Preposterone™).

Power-Thirst is available in a wide variety of flavors:

  • Rawberry
  • Shockolate (It’s like adding chocolate to an electrical storm)
  • Juice Springsteen
  • God-Berry (King of the Juice)
  • Manana
  • Fizzbitch
  • Gun
  • Woman
  • Doves
  • Menergy

Side effects of Power-Thirst consumption include running abnormally fast, glowing sweat, energy legs, hump-catting, bear-blasting and power-spawning babies.

Officially, powerthirst is no longer commercially available due to lack of production facilites, government injunction, and pending lawsuits concerning things best left unpoked, however, it is occasionally possible to find a functional powerthirst machine, neon cans sporting drops of condensation…. who, or whom is stocking and maintaining these vendo-mats is a topic of some coversation and interest to those who rely on the glowing sweat byproducts to fuel their sexy rave parties.


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