The PSI stat

The PSI stat (Psionic Strength Index) is a measure of a character’s supernatural and paranormal ability. It determines how well they can manifest Psychic or Arcane powers, and how well they can resist supernatural attacks launched against them. A character’s Psionic Essence Points (PEP) is derived from his PSI stat.

A starting character’s PSI is determined by the average of his COOL, EMP and LUCK stats. That is, add these three stats together and divide the result by three, rounding results up. The PSI stat can, like most Attributes, be increased through practice and training. However, in addition to IP expenditure, the character needs to be a “Psi Active” individual. Psy Active individuals are those who possess one or more Psychic or Arcane abilities and the requisite training to use them. Simple exposure to Supernatural Phenomenon does not make someone Psy Active (though it can trigger such an apotheosis). For a Psy Active being, the PSI Attribute has a x5 IP Cost Modifier.

To determine if a character is Psy Active at the beginning of play, roll 1d100. If the result is equal to or less than the character’s PSI attribute, then they are Psy Active. If the result is within 5 points of the character’s PSI attribute, then they are a “Nascent Psyker” (more on this later). If the result is more than 5 points above the PSI attribute, the character is not Psy Active. Thus, a character with a PSI of 5 will be PSI active if the d100 result is a 5 or less. They will be a Nascent Psyker if the d100 result is 6-10. If the result is 11 or more, then the character is not Psy Active. The player may elect to add LUCK to their PSI stat for the purpose of this test, though this must be declared before the roll is made.

Likewise, PSI can be lost by replacing the natural body parts, through certain injuries, and certain supernatural maladies. For every 15 points of Humanity Index lost, by whatever means, the character will also lose 1 PSI rating.

To determine a character’s PEP, multiply their PSI by 10. The result indicates how many points the character has to devote to manifesting Psychic or Arcane abilities. A character regains their PSI rating in PSP after a full 8 hours of sleep. The Meditation skill can also be used to regain PEP.

PSI Rating
0 An inanimate, non-psychic object
2 A corpse, a very lucky full ’borg conversion or a natural, psy-reactive object
4 Average human, neophyte Psy-active creature
6 Average Psyker or Arcanist, typical supernatural entity
8 Very powerful Psyker, uncommon supernatural creature
10 Natural human limit of psychic ability, powerful supernatural creature
12 Typical Elder Vampire, Mummy Lord, Liche or other rare and deadly supernatural creature
14 God-like supernatural creatures
15 The DreamWalker of the current era, some deific forces

The PSI stat

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