Weapon Profiles

Weapon Type WA Conc. Avail. Damage (Ammo) ROF Load Range Rel Notes/Special
H&K MPK-11 H SMG +1 L C 4d6 (11mm) 20 30 150 m VR SC, Underbarrel flashlight

What does this mean?!

It’s simple, choomba. Let me cant it out for ya…

Weapon = The name of the weapon, probably also including the manufacturer. Maybe you just list it as a “Rapid Assault 12”… or maybe you show it as a “Arasaka RA-12”. All the same thing.

Type = What kind of weapon is this? Here’s the list of weapon codes and what they encompass

  • MEL Melee weapons. This is anything like a sword, baseball bat, axe, battle-glove, monokatana. Anything used in hand-to-hand combat.

  • P Pistol. Any pistol-class weapon, fired in one hand. Can be further defined as L (Light), M (Medium) , H (Heavy), or VH (Very Heavy).

  • SMG Sub-Machinegun. Any weapon capable of firing in full-auto that almost always requires two hands to use, and also cannot be concealed in a pocket. With the number of autopistols and machinepistols available on the market these days, this line is sometimes blurry. Usually, though, a sub-machinegun requires two hands to use effectively. Can be defined further as a L (Light), M (Medium) or H (Heavy) sub-machinegun, based on its caliber and furniture.

  • RIF Rifle. This covers any type of rifle or shotgun that requires two hands to use and possesses some kind of stock. Whether it’s a hunting rifle, a pump-action shotgun or an assault rifle or combat shotgun, they all fall under this category.

  • HVY Heavy Weapons. This catch-all term covers missile launchers, full-sized flamethrowers, grenades, anti-tank weapons, most explosives, and similar nasty weapons that deliver maximum destruction.

  • EX Exotic. This covers all bows and crossbows, as well as the really weird things like shoulder-mounted plasma turrets, weird martial arts weapons (like lajatang and nunchaku) and similar oddball weapons. There is no skill group that covers all of these weapons, each are learned individually.
  • WA Weapon Accuracy. This is how accurate (or not) the weapon is “out of the box”. Face it, some weapons just shoot straighter than others, though you can improve this attribute by adding scopes, better barrels, smartgun links and similar upgrades. You can also reduce a weapon’s accuracy by chopping the barrel down.

    Conc. Concealability. How easy it is or is not to hide this weapon on your person. Is rated from easiest to hardest as P (Pocket), J (Jacket), L (Long Coat) or N (Not concealable). Pretty straightforward, neh?

    Avail. Availability. This reflects how easy the weapon is to find on the open or black market. Is rated from E (Excellent) to C (Common) to P (Poor) to R (Rare) to VR (Very Rare) to U (Unique… or nearly so).

    Damage The damage, expressed in a dice-range, possibly with a modifier. If it says 2d6+2, roll 2d6 and add 2 to the total. If it says 4d6-3, roll 4d6, add them together, and then subtract 3.

    (Ammo) Ammunition Caliber. This lists the caliber and type of ammo the weapon fires. This is very important if you need to replenish your supply of bullets but are forced to scavenge or buy it from the black market. Some ammo is certainly more common than others! Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for hardware, gatos. While a particular firearm may have an awfully impressive ballistic profile, if the bullets are less-common than an honest politician, it might not be the best buy. “Ammo” is usually expressed as a caliber (9mm) or (.45), plus any extra notes for special properties for the bullets, if standard. For example, if you pack armor-piercing rounds, it may be shown as (9mmAP). If you use white-phosphorous incendiary ammo, it may be shown as (11mm WP), and so on and so forth. There’s all kinds of specialty ammunition loads.

    ROF Rate of Fire. How many bullets can this thing shoot in a single combat round (about 3 seconds). This can and will be more than the weapon holds at times. Most weapons also have the option for semi-auto fire (firing one bullet for every pull of the trigger), while others fire in burst-mode (firing several bullets per pull, but not as much as fully-automatic weapons). This can be expressed by something like 3/10, meaning that the weapon fires 3 bullets on burst-mode, and 10 on automatic. If it only shows a single number (like 30), then it is not capable of burst-fire mode, and can fire only semi-auto or fully-auto. The important thing to remember is that both burst and full-auto fire grant certain bonuses and penalties at different times, and you score 1 hit for every point by which you beat the target number on the attack roll, up to the weapon’s rate of fire. Also note that weapons capable of fully-automatic fire can be used as suppression weapons.

    Load How many bullets the weapon holds in a magazine/cylinder/belt/chargepack/whatever. Simple, neh?

    Range The medium effective range of the weapon. This is considered the optimal range. Any range from 3 meters up to 1/2 this number is considered Short Range, any distance from this number out to twice that distance is Long Range, and any distance from Long Range to twice its Long Range is Extreme Range. While some weapons can fire beyond the Extreme Range, the odds of hitting something with lethal force are slim to none, and entirely a matter of luck, rather than skill. An attack from 0 to 3 meters is considered Point-Blank, and automatically does full damage (that is, it is assumed you rolled all 6s on your damage dice). There are various “to hit” modifiers based on range and rate-of-fire.

    Rel Reliability. How likely it is for this weapon to jam, misfire, or otherwise break during operation. Hey, it happens! Is rated from VR (Very Reliable) to ST (Standard Reliability) to UR (Unreliable).

    Notes/Special Any special qualities, add-ons, or other information about the weapon you want to note here. Maybe it has a digital ammo counter, or maybe it’s smartchipped, or has ergonomic grips or is gene-locked. There’s all kinds of after-market add-ons for firearms out there. Grab your credchip and go nuts!

Weapon Profiles

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