The youth of the second quarter of the 21st century have, like every generation prior, developed their own sub-cultures apart from their parents’ generation, which includes their own unique ways of speaking. This lexicon attempts to collect the more-common phrases used by the youth of the 2020s.

General Terms

  • Babe: secret or private project
  • Boof: GoldenKid, someone with no real talent, a has-been
  • Bounce: To skate, ride or hang out in one area for an extended period of time, also used to refer to that area as a noun, Ex:. “Welcome to my bounce, Peds.”
  • Buzzed: serious injury, also elective surgery
  • Chained: Corporate-sponsored, or to have external support or backing
  • Chilly Moe: A paedophile, rapist, or any adult with a decidedly-unhealthy interest in yo-gangs, yo-gang culture or members of yo-gangs. Generally not used to refer to obvious enemies of yo-gangs (like CorpSec), but instead to adults who want to hang out with yo-gangs. From “child molester”
  • Cut: n. a wild run, race, event or other act of mayhem, especially one involving a large number of people, v. to skate, ride, or run down the street, as in a race. Alternatives: Go howlin’, Tear, Fly
  • Dakka= Guns, shooting, to shoot
  • Day-Glop: Food, of the artificial variety (that is, just about everything kids are fed)
  • DeadBoy/DeadGirl= Any Corporate employee. Alternatives: Corpse, CorpseBoy/CorpseGirl
  • Down: cool, with it, dedicated
  • Downside: A sewer, tunnel, maintenance hallway, air duct or other non-standard means of travel under an Arcology or other heavily-urbanized area
  • Drop: To hide, to rappel, to leave an area
  • Flag: an article of clothing that identifies a particular yo-gang. Historically, this referred to the green bandanas worn by Eco-Raiders, but has come t reference any Yo-Gang’s colors
  • Furries: Any animal (specifically a mammal), related terms are “Scaleys” and “Featherballs”
  • Gaia: A semi-religious reference to Nature, Mother Earth, the environment and similar concepts. Is sometimes contrasted with the MegaViolents’ use of “Valhalla” to reference an afterlife. Gaia is considered the natural world of the here-and-now, while Valhalla refers to a post-mortem experience.
  • Gallic: A cigarette, a joint, or incense spliff
  • Grub: Real food. Rare for kids to see, let alone eat.
  • HardBoy/HardGirl= Corporate Security, or anyone who makes a habit of wearing Metal Gear or other obvious, military-style hard armor. Alternatives: Janitor (BeaverBrat), Beastman (Rad)
  • Inks: night-time
  • Kick around: to meet, to hang out, to have fun
  • Kinked: to be crippled in combat or in an accident (like an auto crash)
  • Kriss: a bath or shower
  • Krit: v. to get away clean (See Also: wazdakka)
  • Narsso: Goldenkid or Glitterkid
  • Office: usually the backroom or corner of the Mallplex where deals are made, or any place where a yo-ganger conducts business
  • Pews: Parents/Guardians, a shortened version of “parental units”. Alternatives: Bank,
  • Polebutt: Anyone with no sense of humor
  • Raid: Any prank, gag or practical joke
  • Rain: harassment, to be attacked. Alternatives: Static
  • Ronco: Any weapon, but most especially a knife, sword, or other edged melee weapon
  • Scan: Sucks, bad, terrible. Also: strange, crazy. Ex.: “This scans majorly! or “You’re one scanny HardBoy!”
  • Shiv: fashionable, nice-looking (see also: Wazdakka)
  • Skag: v. to steal or rob; n. a good place to scrounge
  • Slacked: Beat up, arrested, grounded, or in any other way in trouble
  • Slam & Jam: a fight, to fight, to get into a fight. Alternatives: Stuck in, Get stuck in
  • Snort to wipe out, crash, or otherwise fail due to one’s own carelessness
  • Splunger: Yes-man, toady, someone unable to think for themselves
  • Stride: to go as fast as possible
  • Taddy: GoldenKid
  • Taking names: succeeding, doing very well
  • Throw: a riot, full-blown streetfight, bar brawl or other large melee. Alternatives: Scrum, Scrimmage
  • Upside: An air duct, pipe, maintenance access tunnel, crawl-space or similar non-standard means of travel through the ceilings of an Arcology or other heavily-urbanized area
  • Watchdogs: Police, corporate security, or really annoying Media types. Also, any sort of involved parental figure (really, really rare in the 2020s).
  • Wazdakka: Cool, awesome, the best thing ever. Alternatives: Wiz, Slicin’, Krit, Critical, Brutal, Metal, Rim, Shiv, Tex
  • Wrap: Over, finished, dead
  • Yahoo: one who is unreliable or capricious


  • Spud: A cool person, friend, ally, or another Arcorunner
  • Tilthead: Any non-Arcorunner


  • Ped: a wannabe BoardPunk, anyone who is sub-standard, any non-BoardPunk
  • Surf’s up!: a general attention-getting exclamation
  • Tube: go to an extreme or do something very well, especially through personal skill (rather than luck)


  • Rapist: any land-developer or wilderness destroyer (used almost exclusively by Eco-Raiders). Is rarely used to refer to actual rapists (for that, see: Chilly Moe)
  • Stab: Any project, development or operation that consumes more of the wilderness space


  • Fugue: to adopt the persona, appearance and identity of someone else without artificial aids.
  • Hydeman: one who uses drugs to enhance their yo-gang activities
  • Jitterbug: To rapidly change identities/personalities without preparation; an improvisational artist.
  • Masquerade: A large gathering of Facedancers
  • Morph: Name/Title given to a really good Facedancer
  • Stag: Name/Title given to a really bad Facedancer
  • Zelig: A Facedancer who has never revealed their true face or identity


  • Frothers: Really, really annoying fans
  • Garnished: To be kicked out, fired, out of favor or out of style
  • Jazz: A party or social event
  • Mora: A toady, hanger-on or other such type


  • Buffy & Biff: Female/Male GoldenKids from “old money” families, either those from 20th century (or older!) corporations, or from inheritances that go back to the 20th century. Usually (but not always) East Coasters.
  • Jingo: Wannabe, weak person
  • Leverage: Money and/or Power
  • Lugomen: Faceless, nameless Corporate bodyguards, nannies, governesses, tutors or family-owned Solos. The “minders” of the GoldenKid set.
  • Mondo Showdown: Exclusive GoldenKid party, event or other social happening
  • Nuvos: GoldenKids with money, but no Corporate or political power or connections
  • Simba: The Man, the establishment, Corporations, etc. Alternatives: The Beast
  • Them: Any non-GoldenKid


  • Make the cut: To be counted among the best
  • Ram: to be passe or to fail


  • Hot Lunch: a victim
  • Pain: daylight, the sun
  • Queef: n. a wannabe, v. to be foolish
  • Woofer: hard-core Goth of dubious sanity


  • Banger: any criminal or undesirable
  • Brick: tough, ready to fight, good, great
  • Rock: The police if uncorrupted, “crock” if corrupted (unique to the Guardian sub-culture)


  • 220: A very desirable date or prospect
  • Go Chapter 11: To eliminate an enemy
  • Investment: a hot deal or prospect
  • Lagger: One who is unfashionable or out-of-date. Also, a bad businessman


  • Choirboys: Guardians or StreetFighters (near-unique to the MegaViolent sub-culture)
  • Nad/Nob: a respected MegaViolent (unique to the MegaViolent sub-culture)
  • Valhalla: a semi-religious term used by MegaViolents that posits that the afterlife is reached by dying in battle with Corporates or similar authority figures; also, a really good death in battle is “going to Valhalla”


  • Ballot Out: To eliminate an enemy
  • Chrome: A high-profile Corp; frontman or visible target
  • Track: n. incriminating evidence, v. to blackmail
  • Vote: A decision, usually resulting in someone’s ballot being outed
  • Worm: Breaking and Entering


  • Bag: anything, but especially armor or clothing, looted from a corpse
  • Diggin’s: a dumpster or a place to sleep
  • Dross: good merchandise, or anything of good quality
  • Fresh: nasty, gross


  • Bushi: tough, hard core
  • Claat: StreetFighter
  • CQ: general-purpose negative adjective meaning excessively bright, flashy, tacky, etc.
  • Dojo: the School
  • Giri Obligations that must be kept, debts, favors owed
  • Kata: the way things are, the powers that be, the rules, the bureaucracy
  • San: a term of respect usually appended after a name (unique to the StreetFighter sub-culture… or people really into Asian culture)
  • Sensei: a teacher or instructor
  • Take: To go to or move to
  • Triad: any member of any of the Asian organized crime syndicates, whether this is the true Triad or the Tong


  • Kludge: the ultimate insult
  • Owez’n: non-contributor, leech
  • Sem: Seminar. A meeting of TinkerTots, or one of their yard sales/tech demos
  • Spares: something that is not useful by itself, but could be combined with something else to make a useful item. Also, a boring person
  • Wha’s rattlin’?: general greeting


  • Appaloosa: a personal cyberbike, your “horse”
  • Coyote: a clever and devious foe
  • Evil Spirits: Goths. Also, sometimes Corporates
  • Long Dance: not getting to the point, obfuscating the subject
  • Medicine: Karma, fate, magic
  • Wilderness: the inner city, a place where technological man lives


  • Cut: Finished project, especially an audio-visual or Virtuality production
  • Dap: a ritual handshake (yes, this phrase has returned to common usage)
  • Go to tape: general “let’s get out of here” statement
  • Jive: GenSpeak, especially of the non-verbal variety
  • 60 Minute: n. a field reporter, v. to infiltrate
  • Rave: to film, edit or produce a project


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